Automation Products

Data Exchange Modules, Computing Products, Network Cards

OLDI has developed computing and communications modules for virtually every Rockwell Automation controller platform from the PLC-5 through the current ControlLogix architecture. We also have experience with wide range of network protocols including EtherNet/IP; Modbus TCP/IP and Siemens Industrial Ethernet.

Appliance Transaction Modules

Designed for Enterprise-to-Controller or Controller-to-Controller data exchange. Set-up of tag/array data transfer is done graphically via configuration software. Once completed, the modules alone handle all data exchange - no other software is required.

Special Application Modules

Modules and panel mounted products that allow a user to write custom programs in high-level languages such as C.

Network Cards

Cards with extended temperature range (>70 deg C) to connect computers and industrial terminals to networks such as ControlNet and EtherNet/IP.

World-class User Interfaces

We combine our data-transfer hardware with robust software that allows easy drag-and-drop configuration. No programming, scripting or special training is required.


  • Database Tables and PLC Tags



  • Message Paths, Triggers, Maps and Endpoints


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