OLDI About Us

Industrial Communications and Computing Software and Hardware

Since 1989, OLDI has developed computing and communications modules for Rockwell Automation controller platforms from PLC-5 through ControlLogix. We also have experience with a wide range of network protocols including EtherNet/IP; Modbus TCP/IP and Siemens Industrial Ethernet.


Why Partner With Us:

Experienced and Capable

We offer a wide range of capabilities including Hardware Design, Software Development and Global Manufacturing.

Real-World Designs

Broad and deep experience results in products that not only meet defined specifications but handle real world issues of thermal management, ESD and signal timing.

We Emphasize Collaboration

From initial product requirement discussions all the way through to first product shipment, we work with you across multiple disciplines.

Security...During Development and in the Resulting Products

We offer in-depth practices to keep all product information secure.  Product security is also essential. We are continuously updating our designs to incorporate the latest security feature.