OLDI and Softing Transition Continues

9/22/2014 | Knoxville, TN

Why am I directed to when I type

In May 2014, Softing AG acquired OLDI (Online Development Inc.).   As part of the integration of end-user products, the website has changed.  Key points:

  • Products sold under the OLDI brand intended for the Rockwell Automation channel will continue to be featured on as they were on

  • Softing products from other product development centers that may be of interest to the RA channel will be added to the Softing US website.  The first of these is the WireXpert cable certifier.

Softing and OLDI products featured at

The majority of current products for the Rockwell Automation channel are modules for ControlLogix. However, we will be adding products over time.  The current main categories are:

  • Appliance Transaction Modules.......for moving data to and from enterprise systems and controllers or among controllers
  • Special Application Modules.....that provide a platform to run custom programs
  • Network Cards
  • Network Test Tools

Other Softing products can be found at

Prior to the update, redirected to Now you will need to navigate directly or use the link from in the footer.

Online Development Inc. (OLDI) as an Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) at

OLDI continues as an Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) for customers seeking a partner to design and manufacture industrial products labeled with the customers' brands.