Conflict of Minerals Statement


September 24,2014

RE:  Conflict Minerals Supply Chain Statement      

Dear Customer,

Online Development,Inc. (OLDI) is committed to high ethical standards and social responsibility. This includes supporting the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act as it relates to Conflict Minerals (Section 1502),designed to eliminate support of illegal and unethical actions in the Democratic Republic of Congo ( DRC) region. While we do not purchase tin, tungsten, tantalum and gold directly,they may exist in the materials and components we buy.

It is our goal to be "conflict free". We are therefore committed to working with our suppliers to responsibly purchase the materials and components we use in our products.

We expect the same supply chain transparency and practices from our suppliers. Our suppliers are expected to investigate the source and chain of custody of conflict minerals in the products they provide to us,to disclose their information on due diligence to us on request, and to purchase minerals from responsible sources that do not contribute to human rights abuses in the DRC region. We will work with our suppliers to consider options to become conflict free on a case by case basis.


Rodger Shannon


Senior Vice President of Product Development